We are two people. Friends who are united by a strange desire to leave a trail of ink, experience the joy of seeing sentences written by our hands.

On any given day, we are usually in deep perplexity; mildly panicking at our inability to harmonise wild, fast thoughts into cohere, readable content. Then, in a flash, something strikes and we have our next post. So, you will find that this blog will not have a theme, or a particular genre to be diligently followed. A post might be a couple of paragraphs, or an outpouring of whimsical, heartfelt words.

Like any writer, we have a vision for this blog. We want to make it an alcove for everything literary. Travelogues, reviews, poetry, essays & narratives, fantastical dreams. A place which makes you think and perhaps, when you finish reading, give a sigh and lean back in your chair, with swirling, emerging thoughts. This is our dream. Come, read and help us achieve it.

– The Musers