From Another Soul

We feature here our first guest post, or rather, our first guest poems. A hearty welcome to our fellow writer and poet, Deepa.E !



I wake up.
I can’t fly
Thought I can always dream

“The itch of untruth
About that moment –
When eyes were sealed & words exchanged
In silence.

The gush of blood
With the touch of rejection
And smiles that failed to speak
The love beneath my skin
Has sealed itself
In the chambers of my heart
The key of Joy
Lost forever”

Now the pain is gone.
But my broken wings
Have made me flightless
For years to come.


The Discarded Path

I’m standing confused
Facing uncertainties
A numbing pain
When I revisit the past

A fading smile
Across the falling rain
Disturbed by the silent whispers
And it’s dark again.

With none to blame,
I take that longest path
To those shining stars
And hope it is a wise choice.



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