1 Friendship

A desire to initiate Smiles exchanged A benign gesture Straight face and welcoming eyes.   A reason for collegiality Jabs of insults A burnt smile Smiling portrait and vengeful winks.   A want to gap the distance Number memorization Phrase repetition Anxious countenance and a quasi smile.   An expression of reliance Inclination confession Cryptic … More 1 Friendship

Figs and Dates

Devendra Yadav was an Arts graduate. Born in a country where Arts is considered inferior to any science major in a bachelor’s degree, Devendra took Arts not because he had scored low in high school and not even because he wanted to prove to his classmates that even toppers can take Arts, but actually to … More Figs and Dates

Any Other Day

It was quite abrupt, that sudden jerk to consciousness. One moment, there is nothing. And the next, a warm glow of a spring morning. I blinked and felt my heart pounding against my chest. My breathing was heavy. But why? I looked at the mirror and my confused eyes stared back at me, a bit … More Any Other Day

Here to Stay

It was a slow Sunday evening. My mother, grandmother and me were sitting in the front courtyard of our house, sipping the customary evening coffee. My grandmother has been in a state of unrest these past few days – the yearly donation which she makes to the Banashankari Temple being not yet posted. The famed … More Here to Stay