The first time I was introduced to that word was about 11 years ago. I used to play a lot of computer games back then, I still do, and the Age of Empires was one of my favorites. It was about two or more kingdoms on a piece of land going on conquest and it’s … More Diplomacy


Girijamma woke from her nap with a sense of confusion. The room was dark, even though it was only 4.15 in the afternoon. Her sleep fuddled senses took a moment to understand the forming clouds blocking the sunlight. She dashed out of her room and made up the stairs as fast as her plump legs … More Perception

From Another Soul

We feature here our first guest post, or rather, our first guest poems. A hearty welcome to our fellow writer and poet, Deepa.E !   Flightless Frightened, I wake up. I can’t fly Thought I can always dream “The itch of untruth About that moment – When eyes were sealed & words exchanged In silence. … More From Another Soul

In the year 1690

As he tucked his dhoti into a neat knot, Gati tried to listen to his parent’s excited whispers. Though he was just a boy of eleven, he could sense it. There was something different about the day. Through the thatch windows of his agrahara, he had spotted an uncommon number of people on the street. … More In the year 1690

The Unaware Woman

The first ring of the alarm goes ignored. The second wakes her up from a deep sleep. A brief look of annoyance crosses her face. She rolls around, and hastily turns it off; breathes in the silence which follows. The room is in darkness, the stillness broken only by her husband’s familiar snores. She senses … More The Unaware Woman